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Rugged: The Only Way to Go in the Field

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Drops.  Spills.  Temperature extremes. Vibration.  Exposure to sand, dust, solar radiation and even salt (think fog salt), can all have detrimental effects on a laptop, tablet or notebook. If your organization’s daily success relies on its mobile field crew having access to operational units in the field, why would you risk investing in an easily-compromised product? PCs are expensive--even the low-end ones--as it is.  Add to that the cost of downtime while you replace it?  When you could’ve gone with a ruggedized unit that meets U.S. Military Standards (MIL-STD-810)? Who would knowingly bet on that bad stack of odds?

(If you raised your hand and said “me”, then for goodness' sake, stay far, far away from Vegas!)           

Branch Sales Manager, Dan Allen, experienced first-hand why organizations should never consider non-ruggedized PCs—like the Microsoft Surface—for day-to-day use in the field.   Sharing his experience with the PCS Mobile sales force, he wrote:

“From personal experience…I use a Surface and thankfully I also use another laptop as well when I need to.  This happened this morning when my cat (evil fur ball that she is) jumped up on my desk wanting attention and then jumped off using my Surface which was lying flat on my desk with a screen protector on it and the case shut over the screen.  She used the Surface as a springboard and it fell off my desk.  All 2 feet to the ground on a hardwood floor.  Yep…2 feet to a hardwood floor, not to concrete, not to tile, not to dirt but to a Bamboo Hardwood Floor which my dog can scratch just by walking on it sometimes.

Like I said, I have a heavy duty screen protector over the screen and the screen was also protected by the keyboard cover.  As you can see none of that mattered.  Okay so great, screen is broken and now I need to go get it fixed.  Oh now I need to bring it or send it in to Microsoft and I need to re-load all my apps and software and take about 2+ hours to get it back to where it was.

So use these pictures and my story when an your agency tells you that they are going with the Surface because its cheap and replaceable…they’re going to be replacing a lot of them though I’m sure.”

The point of Dan’s story couldn't  be more clear:  If an organization elects to go with “cheap and replaceable”, that's exactly what they'll get—an inferior product (for the field) that they’ll likely be replacing over and over and over again.  Best to GO RUGGED from the start.

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