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New, Interesting Uses for LPR Systems

Posted 350 days ago ago by Dave LaFleur     0 Comments

License Plate Recognition technology is gaining momentum. Every week there is a new story about how an LPR system is getting implemented in a new and creative way.
The original application for most License Plate Recognition systems was municipal parking enforcement. Camera’s mounted on a vehicle scans plates and advises when to stop to issue a citation. However, some new interesting applications include:

  • A high end gated community in Texas installed an ALPR camera to record every vehicle that enters the community. While residents can be tracked through their electronic access, guests and service vehicles were previously unrecorded.
  • In Denver, a high volume cannabis dispensary uses license plate readers in their parking lot as an added security measure.
  • A parking garage in Florida uses a license plate reader system connected to their employee list of cars to activate the entrance gates.
  • A major shopping mall uses mobile plate readers to track where employees are parking their cars and to identify long term parked vehicles who are abusing their lot.
  • Several highway toll authorities use LPR cameras to collect road tolls.

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