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E-Cycling: A Perk for Planet Earth and Our Clients’ Bottom Line

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One of our clients in the Phoenix area recently received a sizeable credit for the eco-friendly replacement of 1000 laptop computers used in their fleet.  We say “eco-friendly” because the laptops traded in on newer units were e-Cycled

The practice of e-Cycling—reusing, donating or redistributing electronics until they are no longer useful and must be recycled—is growing in popularity.  Conscientious organizations that wish to keep electronic waste and all its debilitating toxins (lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium and polyvinyl chlorides) out of the world’s landfills, fields and rivers, can utilize the services of IT Asset Disposition/Value Recovery companies like PlanITROI and CloudBlue.

In the case of our Phoenix client, we partnered with PlanITROI.  Our Complete Trade-In Program, which provided maximum trade-in return values while addressing all data security and environmental compliance regulations, went off without a hitch.  The straight-forward, easy process went like this:

  1. The customer provided a complete listing of each model and serial number and approximately what level of condition each unit was in.
  2. PCS Mobile sent the list to PlanITROI.  In return, the company provided an estimate of what the trade-in value was going to be (values vary according to model, configuration and condition).
  3. Once the customer signed off on the estimate, PlanITROI sent boxes and packing stickers/tape for the client to pack up the units.
  4. PlanITROI sent a truck to pick up the units.
  5. Once the units were received at PlanITROI, they were inspected and given a straight credit amount or were co-sold in consignment.
  6. The process complete, the trade-in amount was sent to PCS Mobile for application towards the client’s account.   

With our partners’ zero-landfill policies, clients e-Cycling through us can rest assured that not one spec of tech will find its way anywhere it shouldn’t. Equipment that can’t be refurbished and remarketed is broken down, harvested for its raw material before the remainder is recycled in accordance with EPA standards by a certified facility.  

At a time when Americans dispose of more than 140,000 computers and 416,000 mobile devices EVERY SINGLE DAY (per the Electronics TakeBack Coalition report titled “Facts and Figures on E-Waste and Recycling”), and when only 40-percent of those computers are recycled, it pays to have an e-Cycling plan in place.  Not only will you be helping the planet, you’ll be improving your company’s bottom line. 

For more information on our Complete Trade-In Program, please contact one of our Regional
Account Managers.  (They adore our home planet and would love to get everyone hooked on the win-win of e-Cycling.)

Dan Allen/West & Southwest: 602-697-8067 or dana@pcsmobile.com

Gaye Croft/Rocky Mountain Territory: 509-531-0922 or gayec@pcsmobile.com

Brian Ferring/Midwest & Northwest: 402-214-4802 or brianf@pcsmobile.com

Saul Delgado/South & Southeast: 281-989-4981 or sauld@pcsmobile.com

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