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Genetec AutoVu: The Benefits Go Way Beyond Digital Chalking

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It’s time to have an important discussion. It's the one about manual chalking and why, when a highly-superior method of parking enforcement exists, many officers are still reaching out of their vehicles or walking from vehicle to vehicle to mark parked cars’ tires with a long chalk stick?The rudimentary practice of manual chalking is: ineffective in wet weather, documented to cause physical injury [Read More...]

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So You’re Thinking about Body Cams?

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Here’s some food for thought:There are a lot of options out there, some good, some not so good.  It’s critical that you CAREFULLY evaluate your specific goals and objectives BEFORE you decide on which camera to purchase. Not every camera is going to be a perfect fit for every application.  Decide what you want to accomplish and what your limitations are early on in the selection process.  This [Read More...]

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Embracing LPR Technology: Way More Pro than Con

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When you think about all the crime-fighting tools used to track down and identify criminals, you may not realize just how critical the license plate is.  But, when you consider that approximately 70-percent of all serious crime involves a motor vehicle (per the International Association of Chiefs of Police), it just makes sense.  As commonplace as the stamped-and-painted rectangles of aluminum [Read More...]

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E-Cycling: A Perk for Planet Earth and Our Clients’ Bottom Line

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One of our clients in the Phoenix area recently received a sizeable credit for the eco-friendly replacement of 1000 laptop computers used in their fleet.  We say “eco-friendly” because the laptops traded in on newer units were e-Cycled.  The practice of e-Cycling—reusing, donating or redistributing electronics until they are no longer useful and must be recycled—is growing in popularity.  [Read More...]

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