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PCS Mobile Now Helping Truckers Become ELD Compliant

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How many of the 3.5 million truckers in the U.S. are compliant with the new Federal ELD mandate that went into effect last December?  Surveys indicate that the majority of larger carriers have installed the necessary devices, but that many small carriers and independent truckers have yet to comply.  Some have even refused, citing concerns such as high cost, potential loss of driving hours, unsafe interaction on the road, interruption of truck control and a cut into already tight profit margins—all objections which are completely unfounded.  Just the opposite, dropping outdated paper logbooks for electronic logging systems comes with substantial benefits, including:

  • Gained time on the road
  • WAY faster roadside inspections
  • Smart dispatching that keeps drivers safer
  • Significant ROI in regards to fuel economy
  • Huge improvements in CSA scores
  • Reduced operational costs
  • A significant drop in ELD pricing with options that require very little to no startup cost

Companies with concerns about compliance costs might be surprised to know that we offer packages starting at only $32.00 per month.  We also offer financing options to qualified customers and a 10% discount to CMCA members.  Considering the stiff monetary penalty a carrier can incur by not complying with the ELD mandate (upwards of $13k for a single offense), the likelihood of being removed from the road, black marks accumulating against the fleet’s BASIC score, and the possibility of an audit, accepting the consequences of non-compliance just doesn’t make sense. The cost of compliance is so small that it doesn’t even rate in comparison to other operating expenses. 

Considering our 25-years in the rugged, mobile-tech industry, it makes perfect sense that we should offer our expertise by designing, installing and supporting an electronic logging system that not only meets the FMCSA’s ELD mandate, but that does so at very budget-friendly prices.  Regardless of the size of the fleet or the budget, we’ve got the package that fits. 

We’re excited to dive in and help those reluctant and late-to-comply carriers stay on the road—and, to do so penalty free.  For those already in compliance, we can expand their current tech stack for even more trucking efficiency.  That’s something we’ve been at for quite a while now.