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Panasonic plans 'smart city' off Pena Boulevard (featured on 9NEWS)

Posted 1 years 239 days ago ago by Dave LaFleur

Panasonic has installed what it calls a "smart city" infrastructure on 400-acres off of Pena Boulevard with the goal is to turn the area into a "smart city" by 2026. To view the video click here


KUSA - Panasonic is best known for its work in electronics, but the company is moving into new markets and counting on a need for urban areas to go high-tech in the future. That’s why Panasonic has installed what it calls a "smart city" infrastructure on 400-acres off of Pena Boulevard. The goal is to turn the area into a “smart city” by 2026. This is all part of a much larger Panasonic program called CityNow.


Inside the Panasonic building, you’ll find the Smart City Innovation Showcase that includes a high-tech street with LED lighting on poles that double as cell towers. Video security cameras keep a watchful eye on everything, and digital ads are customized for the person walking by. Sensors on the poles can measure the air quality, detect flooding and help weathercasters make predictions at the hyperlocal level.

Outside the building, Panasonic has prepared the area for autonomous vehicles, including a self-driving shuttle that connects a nearby light rail station to bus routes throughout the Denver area.

Panasonic and Denver have partnered with the U.S. Department of Transportation on a $72 million autonomous vehicle project, which is also part of CityNow. As part of this partnership, on a 15-mile stretch of a highway, the two will install a high-tech system called Road X that will "talk" to self-driving cars providing drivers with real-time data about ways to get around traffic jams and the creation of "virtual guardrails" that alert a driver if they veer out of a lane.

This is Panasonic's first rollout of CityNow in the U.S. but a few years ago the company completed work on the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, 30 miles west of Tokyo. Panasonic hooked up 1,000 new homes to a solar-powered smart grid and to accommodate peak electricity demands the company also built a solar farm south of the city and 440 yards of solar cells along a highway.