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Panasonic "Win7" Support

Posted 1 years 152 days ago ago by Dave LaFleur

Microsoft did NOT to extend the Win7 DG; MS is now back to Win7 DG EOL on 10/31/2018
Effective 11/1/2018, Panasonic is not allowed to ship any Win7 DG SKUs. (Channel stock is not affected)
– Recovery for Win7 can still be supported until 6/30/2019. Panasonic currently has a site with all recoveries
uploaded, which will keep live until above due date.
– Customers with Volume License are not affected by this EOL.
– Panasonic can still install customer image or Panasonic Win7 image until 6/30/2019
as a deployment service.
– “Win7” Descriptions will be removed from all marketing material by 10/31/2018
– Security Updates for Win7 will end in 1/14/2020 (not changed since last year)