NASPO Contracts

NASPO was created recently by the state purchasing directors from fifteen NASPO western states to establish the means by which participating states may join together in cooperative multi-state contracting.  All governmental entities within NASPO states as well as authorized government entities in non NASPO states are welcome to use the approved agreements.  Cities, counties, public schools and institutions of higher education can also benefit from cooperative purchasing.  Get more details and information at http://www.aboutwsca.org.


Applicable products

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK© NASPO Contract #B27172 (Valid through March 31, 2020)*

  • Panasonic TOUGHBOOK© Mobile Computers, TOUGHPADS© & Accessories
  • Panasonic TOUGHBOOK© Arbitrator 360º bundled with a TOUGHBOOK© 52, 31 and 19
  • Panasonic Pro Displays, Projectors and Scanners


MNWNC-124. Arizona contract Number


MNWNC-124. California Participating Addendum


MNWNC-124. Nevada Contract Number


MNWNC-124. Colorado Contract Number

* Not every state is eligible to purchase from the NASPO Contract.

Panasonic NASPO Price List

How to order

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK© NASPO Contract #B27172 and Fujitsu NASPO Contract #B27162

  1. Review contract pricing and information available on this page.
  2. If you are a first time user, verify that your organization is authorized to utilize this purchasing contract by contacting your purchasing department.
  3. Once verified, submit a purchase order to the appropriate PCS Mobile sales resource, referencing the applicable contract number.