PublicSafety-GPO Purchasing Contract

PublicSafety-GPO is a member-based GPO with over 200,000 member organizations. Harris products are available to GPO members, having been competitively-bid and awarded. The member must be an active member of the law enforcement community, fire rescue community or government employee. Membership for all members is free and voluntary; there is no cost to join and no obligation to participate.


Applicable products

  • 26% off Harris manufactured Land and Mobile radios
  • 20% off the Momentum radio line
  • 11% off the entire catalog of Harris offerings


Please refer to PublicSafety-GPO.com for additional details.


How to order

  1. Review contract pricing and information available on this webpage.
  2. If you are a first time user, go to PublicSafety-GPO and complete the online form to become a member. Your organization will receive a Member ID once you are registered and approved.
  3. Contact the appropriate PCS Mobile Regional Sales Manager to obtain a quote for applicable Harris communication products.
  4. Submit your purchase order to PCS Mobile. Include the PublicSafety-GPO contract #VH10954, Member ID and Purchase Order number.


PCS Mobile is an authorized Harris dealer supporting the following states: Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico.

We are also available for support in other states should a customer not have a current Harris dealer.