Ambulance services operate 24/7, 365 days a year, and first responders count on their equipment to be as reliable as they are. That's why EMS agencies depend on PCS Mobile to help integrate the most reputable, rugged communication solutions into their daily operations. Having served the first responder community for over 20 years, we know exactly what tech it takes to make their critical jobs easier and safer.   And, with several service options available, we can offer everything from design and installation to training and support.




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Fast Data when you need it most

Have you made the upgrade to electronic patient-care reporting?  By eliminating paperwork and the manual transfer of records to hospital computers, you can save your EMTs considerable time (not to mention eliminating delays in patient care and complications in the insurance-reimbursement process).  The digital transfer of crucial patient data would allow them to focus on the most important task at hand—saving a life.  By utilizing light, portable, rugged tablets designed to withstand the shock and vibrations of fast-moving vehicles, and with spill-resistant keyboards and advanced wireless technology that delivers a strong, secure connection, your EMTs will experience improved efficiency. And as you know well, when lives are on the line, every saved second counts.

Equipment that fits your needs

In an ambulance on the move, safety is a top priority—that’s why we approach the design, installation, and integration of our solutions with great care.  From fleet analysis and install to testing and support, we take pride in a process that ensures our first responders’ specialized needs are fully met.  Ready for a worry-free, “complete” solution?  We’re ready to start designing.  And, if you're not in the market for a turn-key solution, no problem. We also offer products and services on a job-by-job basis.



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Tech support for your mobile workforce.  How much you need is up to you. Regardless the level, we’ve got you covered.

PCS Mobile offers both governmental and non-governmental contract purchasing options to qualified entities. Details can be found here.