Law Enforcement

The use of technology to enhance the performance and safety of law enforcement officers is not only a necessity, but part of SOP.  The first responder market demands mobility, reliability and interoperability.  Job responsibilities require that officers have access to crucial data in a mission-critical mode, making interoperability of communications and operating systems between different factions of public safety imperative.  This is precisely what we specialize in: solutions that support mobility while addressing clients' specialized needs.  Offerings include two-way and/or microwave communication systems, in-car video, license plate recognition (LPR) products, body worn cameras, rugged, mobile computers with wireless connectivity, and fleet installations and more.




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LPR for Law Enforcement

With Genetec AutoVu, law enforcement agencies have access to the most accurate and reliable LPR system in the industry.  Backed by over 15 years’ experience in LPR technology development and the highest plate capture and recognition rates in the industry, it allows officers to:

  • Effortlessly obtain thousands of license plate reads each and every shift
  • Quickly and easily identify wanted vehicles through an automated cross-reference of multiple hotlists
  • Rapidly secure crucial data supporting criminal investigations

Not only does AutoVu have the highest accuracy rate in the industry, its advanced reporting and data mining capabilities provide operators with impressive flexibility.  Its interface and features are user-friendly; surveillance feedback is real time; and it can be easily deployed as either a standalone solution or incorporated with other security and surveillance systems.  And, for those law enforcement agencies that handle their city’s parking enforcement, AutoVu allows officers to enforce time-limit regulations without leaving their vehicles. With specialized LPR cameras, it automatically reads surrounding vehicle plates, compares them to a database, and alerts parking enforcement staff when they need to take action.

As a Premier Genetec Partner, PCS Mobile can bundle AutoVu with a variety of mobile computer options.  We provide installation, consulting services and experienced, certified personnel to manage and integrate all the hardware and software needed for a complete solution.  Interested in a free AutoVu trial?  Ask us about Genetec’s Pilot to Purchase program.

PCS Mobile offers complete solutions

We understand that unfettered access to mission-critical data between public safety agencies is a must.  Not only do we supply the premier mobile tech in the industry, we can install that tech using the best mounting solutions on the market, and then ensure it communicates correctly with every required public safety system.  We also offer several service options to provide our customers with exactly what they need--whether its design, installation, training or support or all of the above.  Not in the market for a complete turn-key solution?  No problem. We also offer products and/or services on a job-by-job basis.







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Tech support for your mobile workforce.  How much you need is up to you. Regardless the level, we’ve got you covered.

PCS Mobile offers both governmental and non-governmental contract purchasing options to qualified entities. Details can be found here.