State & Local

As a mobile-data solutions integrator for state and local agencies for over two decades, we understand that information resources must be cost effective.  Successful fiscal management of numerous departments dictates that governments do business with companies offering flexibility.  From complete turn-key solutions to job-specific products and services, we readily adapt our offerings to fit clients’ specialized needs. Our solutions include rugged mobile computers and connectivity tools for use in the field, wireless infrastructure, in-car video, and License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems.  We also offer asset management and solutions for tracking field-service vehicles. For the best in mobility and accessibility, government entities can look to PCS Mobile for all their budget-friendly mobile-tech needs.



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Working with the City of Golden, CO

Like many cities and towns in the U.S., Golden, CO, has seen its parking needs grow exponentially over the years.  In 2016, the city council adopted a new resolution that made adjustments to neighborhood permit parking areas near the Colorado School of Mines.  It also authorized a new parking management system for a portion of the downtown area.  With PCS Mobile’s assistance, Golden acquired two LPR systems—one for enforcing time-limit parking in the core of downtown (to promote turnover in prime retail spaces), and to perform permit enforcement in various neighborhoods that provide residential permits, and the other system to be used by Golden PD to locate scofflaws and vehicles on hotlists.  


Public safety in local Government

Police, fire and EMS--three distinct divisions, each crucial to the whole of public safety.  Building safer, healthier communities is one of local governments’ greatest responsibilities.  To successfully mitigate crime, deliver life-saving rescue services, and control and prevent fires all within a strict budget requires governments do business with companies that understand the way they operate.  Our budget-minded, integrated approach helps local governments ensure their public safety departments have access to the right tools, including interoperable systems that allow critical data to be shared between departments instantly and without fail.






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PCS Mobile offers both governmental and non-governmental contract purchasing options to qualified entities. Details can be found here.