Field Service

Field service techs who test and maintain power lines and other field equipment require specialized devices for accurate record keeping. Continually exposed to harsh conditions, those devices must be rugged enough to withstand environmental extremes.  This is where PCS Mobile comes in.

As a solution center for designing and integrating functional, mobile work environments, not only do we have access to the best rugged devices on the market, we can help ensure those devices stay connected so that busy field staff can access data when and where they need it.  Tablet-style rugged computers, in-vehicle mounts and docks, AC and DC adaptors and portable printers are only a portion of what we offer.  Need encrypted connectivity for “real-time” transfer of data?  We have solutions for that, too.  





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Staying connected in the field

Access to data when and where your employees need it--that’s what it boils down to.  Without the right networking solution, that rugged, mobile computing device is little more than an electronic filing cabinet.   Here at PCS Mobile we offer mobile-networking solutions that provide seamless and secure connectivity for all devices in the field.  Our solutions allow for full visibility and control of the mobile environment; secure, cloud-managed networking for vehicles; mobile gateways that turn vehicles into hotspots (extending the network to the fleet); and software that manages, optimizes, accelerates and secures traffic across any network, application or operating system. By covering the bases with the best solutions in the business, we ensure your workers stay connected.

Mobility is the name of the game

To successfully design, manage, secure and maintain a mobile platform for a fleet of field workers is no small feat.  The components involved are numerous and execution must be next to flawless. It goes without saying that if you don’t face the challenge head-on with a defined game plan in hand, you may as well just go home.  Being the system-oriented company we are means we always face challenges with a clear-cut strategy.  And, having been in the business for as long as we have, our strategies have been honed. Mobility is the name of the game and it’s one we play to win.









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Tech support for your mobile workforce.  How much you need is up to you. Regardless the level, we’ve got you covered.