Drone management software for Municipalities by CAPE. Allows full control over long range camera enabled drones with live streaming and thermal image video support.

Drone Telepresence Systems with Real Time Visibility and Live Stream Storage

CAPE drone management software provides full control over your emergency response drone activities including aerial telepresence and flare systems, sometimes called thermal drones, used by both Police and Fire Departments. PCS Mobile provides full system support for municipal and public safety drone management.





Annual CAPE Subscriptions
Telepresence + Livestreaming
CAPE subscription prices listed below do not include the cost of purchasing drones. Pricing for a drone is available upon request.
Mavic / Phantom Pro Drone

$499 per month

Inspire Drone

$899 per month

Any Drone

$249 per month

Matrice Drone

$1249 per month


Details: Drones without an annual subscription can still be used to livestream their video for $1.99/minute.

Details: Unlimited flights and streaming for up to 5 viewers. Above 5 viewers is $0.10/minute/viewer.

Details: $499 minimum purchase required without annual subscription $0.10/minute/viewer for more than 5 viewers


What's included
• Unlimited storage      • Heads-Up-Display     • Precision camera control     • Flight replay and reporting
• Data and fleet management     • Advanced autopilot features    
• State of the art geofencing and collision avoidance     • Automatic storage of live-streamed video (optional)    
• Live video streaming from your desk or in the field

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