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One of the foremost manufacturers in the world of rugged computing, Getac offers a full spectrum of options for organizations in need of PCs that can withstand environmental extremes.  If you’re in the market for a fully-rugged laptop or tablet that can take the abuse of the field or warehouse day in and day out, you’ve come to the right place. 






Getac Rugged Tablets and Rugged Notebooks

PCS Mobile offers a full line of Getac rugged notebooks and tablets with the best pricing and the best service.

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Rugged Tablets
<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2691)@*Sort=0*ava=0]">T800</a>
To be specific, 8.1 inches — that’s the size of the display on
the new compact T800 rugged tablet. Built for today’s mobile
workforce, the new tablet features an 8.1 inch display, the
latest wireless technology and unique SnapBack add-ons and
runs Windows 8.1 Pro. We designed the T800 to be the perfect
combination of a compact rugged tablet without sacrificing
screen size.
<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2334)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">RX10</a>

Size matters when it comes to mobility. That’s why we built the RX10 with a 10.1-inch display at only 2.65lbs and a razor thin 0.74in. It is not only lightweight but also easy to carry with the integrated ergonomic handle. It is designed to easily fit in just one hand.


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The A140 is designed for maximum mobile performance and productivity. Powered by available 6th Generation Intel® Skylake Core™ i5 and i7 processors, the A140 brings greater computing and GPU performance with reduced power consumption, ideal for data-intensive multitasking.



<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2157)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">F110</a>
Designed to be about the size of a typical piece of paper, the new F110 rugged tablet features a large 11.6” display, 4th gen Intel Core processors, dual battery design and optional built-in 4G LTE connectivity with tri-pass through connectors. It’s the thinnest and lightest large screen fully rugged tablet Getac has built and it runs Windows 8 Professional. 
<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2335)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">RX10H</a>

The RX10H offers potentially limitless battery life. Getac's LifeSupport™ battery system allows you to swap new batteries in and out without shutting down. When it's time to recharge, the special adapter is certified safe to use in hospital environments.


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The K120 is a new class of tablet, engineered with versatility in mind. Multiple operation modes, a robust 12.5" display and versatile accessory options make the tablet the perfect fit for extensive use in the most extreme environmental conditions.



Rugged Notebooks
<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2162)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">V110</a>

With the V110 fully rugged convertible, Getac has completely reimagined what is possible in the world of rugged computing. The V110 was built using new and innovative materials and technologies, like an all-magnesium alloy main chassis, Lumibond screen tech, 4G LTE connectivity options and a hot-swappable battery design. All of these features and more come together in a computer that is still amazingly strong, unbelievably light and remarkably thin. 

<a href="https://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/getac/doc_specsheet/S410_Spec._Sheet%20(5).pdf?ver=2017-07-31-162523-623">S410</a>

The S410’s no-compromise set of integrated features, configurable options and complete accessory ecosystem provide you with a truly “purpose-built” tool for more successful implementations. This includes second battery, second LAN, PowerShare USB 2.0, discrete GPS and vehicle mounting capability.

<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(1773)@*Sort=3*ava=0">B300</a>
The B300 rugged notebook is Getac’s most popular model, and for good reason, as it’s been called "The Best Rugged Laptop on the Market" by TopTenReviews.com. With state-of-the-art processors, incredible battery life, 4G LTE wireless options and one of the brightest displays in the industry, the B300 is certainly a go-to rugged notebook for anyone working in extreme conditions.
<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2040)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">X500</a>

The X500 ultra rugged computer combines the flexibility of our
best-selling B300 with the customization and I/O expansion features
of our A790 and the battlefield command size screen of the M230 to
create the most powerful ultra rugged notebook we've ever made.


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<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-12-getac.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2304)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">X500 Server</a>
Based on the X500 ultra rugged computer, the
briefcase-size X500 Rugged Server is a commercial
off-the-shelf (COTS), high-performance, mobile, rugged
server that provides quick deployment and can be easily
transported into emergency, disaster and temporary
set-up enviroments.

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<a href="https://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/getac/doc_specsheet/Getac%20Video_Spec_Sheet.pdf?ver=2017-08-15-162310-433 ">Getac Video</a>

Getac's in-car mobile video system is built for simplicity, expandability and performance. We've leveraged 27 years of knowledge and expertise, gained through deep research and development relationships with law enforcement and military professionals.



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