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Havis is the largest mobile workforce equipment designer and manufacturer in the industry. They offer a complete line of products that help maximize worker productivity by delivering comfort, safety, and quality to the mobile workforce. This broad product portfolio includes emergency lighting, consoles, docking stations and security transport systems.







Havis Mounting, Docks and Cradles

Havis docking and mounting protect your valuable equipment in mobile workspaces to allow for greatest uptime and productivity.

<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/p-4773-device-mount-universal-tablet-mount-mounts-universally-with-lock.aspx">Havis Universal Tablet Mount</a>

Havis universal tablet cradle (no Electronics). Non-electronic tray is adjustable to fit and secure a large variety of tablet models. Easy to use and customize to fit your computing needs.


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<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/p-4840-devmtdockstgtcv110lind.aspx">Dock for Getac V110 Convertable</a>

Docking station for Getac's V110 convertible notebook with power supply. Full port replication and integrated strain relieving provide simple, safe, and secure connectivity to essential peripherals, as well as convenient and efficient cable management.


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<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/p-489-havis-toughbook-certified-vehicle-docking-station-dual-pass-through-for-the-panasonic-cf-53-computer.aspx">Dock For Toughbook CF-53</a>

The only Toughbook Certified docking station for Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 laptop computers. Dual pass-thru antenna for wwan and Wi-Fi connectivity inside your mobile workplace (tnc connectors)


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<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/p-4832-devmtdockstgtct800hgant.aspx">DOCK for Getac T800</a>

The Havis Docking Station for the Getac T800 tablet improves mobile worker productivity by providing a secure location for tablet charging and connection to essential peripherals, such as printers, keyboards and barcode scanners.


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