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As a Panasonic Authorized Diamond Partner, PCS Mobile strives to provide first-class customer service and exceptional mobile computing solutions. Partnering with Panasonic, we have invested and trained to become Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® computer specialists. Our goal is to apply our product expertise to each and every customer as we design individual solutions that best fit each customer’s specific needs. Rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® mobile computers are recognized throughout the industry as offering high-performance and reliability in extreme conditions.







Panasonic Rugged Notebooks and Tablets

PCS Mobile offers a full line of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® rugged laptops and TOUGHPAD® durable tablets with the best pricing and the best service.

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Fully-rugged Laptops
<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-2-panasonic.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(147)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">Toughbook 31</a>

Designed for extreme, rugged conditions and bright, outdoor environments and includes a daylight-readable 13.1" touchscreen. Also available with discrete graphics


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Semi-rugged Laptops
<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-2-panasonic.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(485)@*Sort=0*ava=0]">Toughbook 54</a>

The new TOUGHBOOK® 54 laptop from Panasonic uses the latest advances to create a laptop two pounds lighter and half an inch thinner than the competition. It features a spill-resistant, full magnesium alloy design, hard drive heater, backlit keyboard and is available in four different models to suit every need.


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Fully-rugged Convertible Tablets
<a href="https://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/panasonic/img_product/toughbook-cf33_specsheet.pdf">Toughbook 33</a>

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® 33 is the first fully-rugged 2-in-1 of its kind—redefining rugged flexibility for those who work in demanding conditions. TOUGHBOOK® 33 features a groundbreaking 3:2 display, making it easier to handle, while improving readability of the business applications and documents workers use every day.


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<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-2-panasonic.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(510)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">Toughbook 20</a>

The fully rugged detachable laptop is purpose-built for mobile workers, delivering features that enable productivity both in and out of doors, including a 10.1” sunlight-viewable 800 nit IPS display with gloved multi touch capabilities, a waterproof stylus pen and a backlit keyboard that is 16 percent larger than the TOUGHBOOK® 19.


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Semi-rugged Detachable Tablets
<a href="http://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/panasonic/doc_specsheet/fz-q2_specsheet(1).pdf">Toughpad Q2</a>

Built with the rugged durability consumers have come to expect from TOUGHBOOK®, this PC is designed for users who need more from their computer than what a typical consumer device can provide. Enhanced with features like a superior battery life and additional ports, the TOUGHPAD® FZ-Q2 semi-rugged 2-in-1 tablet also possesses a full HD display with an anti-reflective touchscreen along with a spill-resistant keyboard to maximize usability in the field or in the office.






<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-2-panasonic.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(390)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">Toughpad FZ-G1</a>

The world's thinnest and lightest fully-rugged 10.1" Windows® 8 tablet. Also available with Windows 7. Powered by an Intel® Core™ i5 processor and standard with a multi touch + digitizer screen, USB and HDMI ports. The FZ-G1 comes with a wide variety of integrated options including a long life battery that provides over 18 hours of battery life, ethernet port, magstripe and barcode readers.


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<a href="http://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/panasonic/doc_specsheet/fz-a2_specsheet.pdf">Toughpad FZ-A2</a>

The Panasonic TOUGHPAD® FZ-A2 is a rugged 10.1" tablet powered by Android for field-based workforces. With durability, power and a range of configurable options—at a price within reach of any business—the TOUGHPAD® FZ-A2 tablet is an ideal tool for service professionals.






<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-2-panasonic.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(476)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">Toughpad FZ-B2</a>

The Panasonic TOUGHPAD® FZ-B2 is a rugged 7" tablet powered by Android for field-based workforces. With durability, power and a range of configurability options—at a price within reach of any business—the TOUGHPAD® FZ-B2 tablet is an ideal tool for field service rofessionals.


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<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/m-2-panasonic.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(443)@*Sort=3*ava=0]">Toughpad FZ-M1</a>

The Panasonic TOUGHPAD® FZ-M1 is built to enable mission-critical mobile worker productivity without compromise. Powered by Windows 8.1 Pro and a choice of two Intel® processors, the TOUGHPAD® FZ-M1 offers the broadest range of configuration options available in its class for maximum flexibility.


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"Congrats to all of you! Well deserved, from the customer point of view."
Tim Ulery
Glendale Police Department
Glendale, AZ

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