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With the TOUGHBOOK® Arbitrator 360°™, the TOUGHBOOK® Arbitrator Interview™ and the Panasonic WV-TW310 Series wearable camera, law enforcement agencies now have a comprehensive, reliable way to capture, manage and process evidence whether on the street, in the station or in court.

The Panasonic digital evidence portfolio provides law enforcement agencies with five key advantages for operations:

  • Capture and manage evidence from a single platform

The Panasonic SafeServe® software provides the unique ability for command staff to manage users, evidence retention, system configuration and access from one single application instead of multiple platforms.

  • Increase officer safety

Helps ensure officers are using all safety mechanisms according to standard operating procedures.

  • Increase compliance with agency policies and procedures

Review of the video evidence allows agencies to conduct quality assurance and quality improvement reviews of officer interactions for training purposes.

  • Decrease organization liability and litigation

Citizens are much less likely to file false complaints against officers when they know that incidents are accurately recorded. Pre- and post-event recording allows an officer to capture violations and the entire interaction with the public, helping to protect organizations from false claims that can cost millions of dollars and weaken community relations.

  • Ensure evidence integrity for prosecution and conviction

Provides tamper-proof, unbiased evidence that's protected against manipulation or modification at a system level. This allows documented video to turn into manageable events for a stronger link in the chain of evidence. It provides a comprehensive chain of custody from the time of file creation until it is exported from the system for dissemination.






Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS)

PCS Mobile offers a complete package for in-vehicle video and body-worn evidence capture with the best pricing and the best service.

Choose from the selection below or give us a call to go over the options and pricing.



<a href="http://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/panasonic/doc_specsheet/arbitrator360_specsheet.pdf#">Arbitrator 360° HD video camera</a>

The Arbitrator 360° HD in-car digital video recording system integrates Full HD, 1080p, high-quality video evidence capture, storage, transfer and file management to serve as a complete digital evidence solution. With the industry's highest video quality, 360 degrees of evidence capture and military-tested durability, the Panasonic Arbitrator 360° HD is the clear choice for mobile evidence capture and management. 




<a href="https://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/panasonic/doc_specsheet/Panasonic-Arbitrator-360-with-AS1-Camera-Spec-Sheet.pdf#">Arbitrator-360-with-AS1-Camera</a>

The Arbitrator AS-1 Front Camera packs all the performance of our proven, i-Pro Extreme camera technology into a form factor so small it can mount out of your line of sight behind the rearview mirror.



<a href="http://www.pcsmobile.com/Portals/0/assets/vendor/panasonic/doc_specsheet/PSC7857-1_Arbitrator%20Body%20Worn%20Camera_LR.pdf">Arbitrator Body Worn Camera</a>

Built on Panasonic’s tradition of video surveillance excellence for law enforcement, the NEW Arbitrator® Body Worn Camera takes evidence collection to the next level. Constructed with a single or two-piece design, the Arbitrator Body Worn Camera is lightweight and IP54 water resistant to provide officers with a better way to capture unbiased, tamper-proof video in nearly any condition.






Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll let you know what that product, service or project will run.  You got cost questions, we got cost answers.

Alice Texas Case Study
Alice Texas Case Study

Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll let you know what that product, service or project will run.  You got cost questions, we got cost answers.

PCS Mobile offers both governmental and non-governmental contract purchasing options to qualified entities. Details can be found here.

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