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ZoneFlex, the completely adaptive Smart WLAN system that offers enterprises the power they crave and the simplicity they need, delivers:

  • Effortless everything.  It’s fully pluggable, meshable, and easy to install, configure and expand with automatic client administration and advanced security.
  • The most superior Wi-Fi on the planet.  Through WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection, automatic WLAN-wide interference avoidance, and WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination, ZoneFlex easily adapts to the constantly-changing Wi-Fi environment.
  • Unmatched value for money.  Enterprises gain all the feature and functionality of a high-end system with fewer access points for lower CAPEX and easier management for lower OPEX.

Our WLAN combines smart meshing, dynamic user security, adaptive RF signal routing, 802.11n, and centralized management all within a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use platform.






Ruckus WLAN Wireless Platforms

Whether small, medium or large-scale, for a best-in-class WLAN network look no further than Ruckus.



<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/c-185-wifi-networks.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2785)@*Sort=5*ava=0]">ZoneDirector 1200</a>

The ZoneDirector 1200 is perfect for businesses who want to offer services such as voice over Wi-Fi, IP-based video, secure enterprise access and tiered Wi-Fi services in venues such as hotels, airports, schools and public buildings.

The Ruckus ZoneDirector 1200 can be deployed and operated by non-wireless experts and installed quickly and easily. Any organization with limited IT staff and budget can create a robust and secure multimedia WLAN in a matter of minutes.


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<a href="https://products.pcsmobile.com/c-185-wifi-networks.aspx#Filter=[EntityIDs=@(2788)@*Sort=5*ava=0]">Ruckus ZoneFlex R710</a>

Building upon the successful experience with 50,000 customers relying on our Wi-Fi solutions to power their networks with industry leading innovations such as BeamFlex+, Ruckus is raising the bar again with future-ready networks.

The new 710 delivers the highest performance Smart Wi-Fi access point, increased device density, and Wi-Fi monetization with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enabling new business models for enterprises and service providers.


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