License Plate Recognition Systems – Expert LPR Camera Design and Implementation


License Plate Recognition software and cameras – available for parking applications and police enforcement

The Genetec AutoVu™ ALPR system automates license plate reading and identification, eliminating the need for outdated parking enforcement and management processes like manual chalking or permitting, gated lots, roving officers and more.  PCS Mobile designs, installs, integrates and supports this premier license plate recognition (LPR) system.



Getting started with LPR cameras is easier and more cost-effective than you might think.

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Why License Plate Recognition?

Fixed and/or mobile high-resolution license plate recognition LPR cameras strategically installed on parking enforcement vehicles, in lots, on
garages, or wherever needed, collect license plate images which are transmitted to back-office software
for user analysis. Auto License Plate Recognition reporting (reads, hits, productivity) and list management
is user-friendly and highly customizable. Integrating this technology into your current system will allow you to:
 •    Maximize resources
 •    Cut costs
 •    Move to electronic chalking and virtual permits
 •    Enforce time limits and permits all at once
 •    License plate tracker for tracking off-street violations in real time
 •    Mine ALPR data to improve parking services

From municipalities and police departments to universities and clients in healthcare, we’re helping to
 revolutionize the parking experience across the U.S.  Ready to take your operation to the next level?





LPR for Law Enforcement

LPR for Parking Enforcement

How a university increased yearly revenue while writing fewer parking tickets...

Since deploying the AutoVu ALPR system, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse (UWL)

has written 150 fewer citations, issued 200 more permits, and increased revenue by 10% year-over-year.


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