Mobile Academy

Mobile Academy is our professional training service that provides mobile computing, video and wireless implementation training. The training includes direct classroom instruction, instructional video training, train the trainer and asset management. We conduct these training sessions to cover the elements of our “Scope of Work”. We facilitate a smooth training experience with comprehensive step-by-step directions. We are adaptable to your needs, your standards and your schedule. With Mobile Academy Services, you can count on your staff being well trained.









Mobile Academy Training

Mobile Academy provides the following:

•    Train the installer/train the trainer
•    Train operators
•    Train administrators
•    Train end users
•    Cross training between locations
•    Professional process-oriented delivery of training
•    We communicate our approach with each training session


•    Well-trained staff - in technology, products and processes
•    Extensive documentation of our work
•    Certified by manufacturers for integration and installation
•    Gamber-Johnson Certified
•    Arbitrator Certified
•    Genetec AutoVu LPR Certified